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Time is not a factor in your life

A lecture with Dave Hohlehohle-flier

Speaker Dave Hohle, CSB of Chicago, IL is a member of the Christian Science Board of

Saturday, September 29nd at 11:30 AM

Hilton Garden Inn: 2465 Grant Road, Billings MT 59101
(Salon B Room)

Mastering time is not the same as time management. It’s not learning to get more out of a limited 24-hour day. Mastering time is realizing that real life does not actually
occur within a time framework at all, and time is powerless to limit life. Exercise your God-given freedom from the relentless limits of time including age, aging, stress,
inefficiency, frustration, past mistakes and missed opportunities.

(You may also attend by dialing into our telephone bridge at 1-877-333-3702. Enter Conference Code 1234567 when connected.)

Sponsored by the First Church of Christ Scientist, Billings

(For more information, please call 406-248-8661 or 406-259-0535.)